Power and Distribution Transformers (oil-filled, cast-resin and dry-type)

    EWC GROUP designs and manufactures below transformers:

    • HV/MV or MV/MV oil immersed power transformers up to 63 MVA – 170 kV.
    • MV/LV dry type cast-resin distribution transformers up to 5 MVA – 36 kV.
    • MV/LV oil immersed distribution transformers up to 3 MVA – 36 kV.
    • Special transformers: Auto-transformers, voltage regulators for MV or HV network with on-load tap-changers, rated power up to 1000 MVA, insulation class up to 170kV, Special transformers for hexa-phase or dodeca-phase conversion plants. Three-phase or single-phase reactors for traction plants, conversion plants, MV or HV network for the limitation of short circuit currents.


    EWC GROUP srl - Transformers Catalogue




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