EWC Hybrid Inverter

    EWC Hybrid Inverter is a system for pumping water powered by photovoltaic panel or hybrid (photovoltaic and grid connection simultaneously). The application relates to systems of lifting water from a well, water storage on reservoirs or containers, where grid connection is absent and/or as an alternative to systems in motor generator. It is possible to run the system in a hybrid mode using grid connection and photovoltaic simultaneously. This is possible integrating with grid connection momentary powered shortages pm photovoltaic for weather reasons or during the night. In this mode, the system cannot enter power into the grid in any way. EWC Hybrid Inverter can drive 400Vac three phase asynchronous motors (230Vac on request). Photovoltaic generator’s characteristics are related
    to the type of motor combined. With Power from 15KW up to 500KW.


    EWC Hybrid Inverter (English)

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