We are a group Sada AL-Hussam Contracting, Trade and Commercial Agencies Co., Ltd. This company was established for the purpose of participation and provide expertise and ideas and designs keep pace with the technological development in the field of reconstruction and construction works, particularly in the field of electric power and we have products from ewcgroup Italian company sector includes: Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Switchgears up to 36kV, Medium Voltage Metal-Enclosed Switchgears upt o 36kV, Low Voltage Switchgears (PC, MCC and PMCC), MV / LV Package Substations (kiosks), Fixed and Mobile Substation (HV / MV-MV / MV), Generators (From 1 to 3150 kVA), Power and Distribution Transformers (oil-filled, cast-resin and dry-type). Over the years we has acquired valuable experience in all areas of energy systems and designed for important groups in Italy and abroad. The continuous updating and experience allow EWC GROUP successfully confront all customer requirements. Due to the evolution of energy market, EWC GROUP has specialized in construction of pre-assembled, pre-tested in the workshop and suitable for carriage, including plants designed and implemented on issues and specific customer requirements. In addition to the construction of plants, EWC GROUP offers maintenance services and management, study updates, training and advisory.

    As well as our company has expertise in the field of water in terms of design, processing and installation of all water plants and alternative energy in cooperation with SAER Elettropompe company which has nearly 1,000 kinds of pumps.


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